Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the boards made and their availability?

The tracing boards are made in Scottsdale USA and generally available immediately.

Do you charge for technical support?

No. Free technical support basically 24/7. We only support the latest version of the software. If you have an older version and need technical support, you will need to update the software.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, we sell anywhere in the world. Air freight shipping with local delivery or airport pickup

Is there a warranty on the boards?

Of course, 3 years. If you have any problems we will fix them or replace the board or pen.

Is there an annual maintenance fee?

No. Occassionally we will update the software with new features. Updates are optional and usually cost $600.

I already have a board, can I buy just the software?

Yes, the Logic Trace Software costs US$1500.

I wish to arrange my own shipping, what are the dimensions and shipping details?

44x60" System - Box weighs 80 lbs, 76"x6"x60" in size

Harmonized code 9017201000 Computer Equipment - Input Device - Digitizing Tablet

Pickup Address: 14557 N. 82nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260, USA. Made in the USA