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Logic Trace CNC DXF Digitizing System

Quickly create DXF files for CNC and CAD Using a Logic Trace Digitizer

Place a part or pattern on the electronic tracing board, start our CNC DXF software, trace the outline and save the DXF file.

  • Create a DXF vector file in minutes
  • Trace the pattern with the board's pen stylus
  • Files load into any CNC or CAD Software
  • Unbelievably easy to use and learn, just trace the outline
  • Besides a DXF file, multiple file formats can be saved.


Jumbo Tracer CNC DXF Digitizing System

Connect multiple boards to trace very large templates

The Jumbo Tracer was designed by The Logic Group to help companies trace very large templates and save DXF files for loading into their CNC or CAD Software. Just place the part or pattern on the Jumbo Tracer, trace the outline and save the DXF file.

  • Jumbo Tracer sizes start at 5x8' (1.5x2.4m) and go up to 8x22'(2.4x6.7m)
  • Highly accurate
  • Create DXF files in minutes.
  • Trace the pattern with the board's pen stylus
  • Compatible with all CNC and CAD machines and software


GTCO Calcomp Digitizers

The Best Digitizing Tablets in the World

GTCO Calcomp is a world leader in manufacturing electronic board digitizing tablets designed to work with a pen stylus or cursor.

  • Models include Drawingboard VI, Rollup III, and Super L VI
  • Utilizes corded and cordless pens and 16 button cursors
  • Sends highly accurate XY points to the computer
  • Our digitizing software takes the data from the tablet to calculate shapes, areas, and points.
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Logic Trace CNC DXF Digitizing System



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Jumbo Tracer CNC Digitizing system



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